Using Prezi...  For your Prezi select an educational topic that you are passionate about.  This could anything such as your teaching philosophy, your mission, goals or it could be a specific educational topic like assistive technologies, or a select program of your choice.   After you create your Prezi presentation,  you will place this in your portfolio for your employers to see.  Create a website page in your portfolio that is called Technology Integration.  Place this along with a reflection of what you have learned by doing this assignment as well as a list of the ICTÕs that you think would be applicable for this activity. 

Your Prezi should include the following elements and features:


  • Create an account and Sign-in (/2)
  • Click "create" to start your new Prezi with a white background ONLY! (-10 marks for colored backgrounds)
  • Create ten objects of varying sizes and orientations (/50 - 5 marks per item when done correctly)
    • textboxes (minimum of 5)
      • appropriate to overall topic
      • variety of orientations and zooms
    • videos (minimum of 2)
      • YouTube or your own
    • images
      • at least 5 that support your topic
      • that are manipulated and changed so their zoom is appropriate for the frame, path and presentation.
    • objects appropriately grouped in frames
  • Use of contrasting text and colors to make things stand out (/10)
  • Create a path for your objects that is logical and smooth. (/10)
  • Minimum of two ICTÕs listed (/8)
  • Reflection on what you have learned is posted with this assignment on your portfolio website. (10)




Example 1

Example 2


[1] Michelle Khatib,  September 2012 for Edit 302b