Voice Thread Checklist and Assignment


In this assignment you will be asked to choose a topic of interest to make a voice thread.  This could be related to the level of expertise that you have in a specific area. The topic is your choice.   You will produce a voice thread based on the criteria below and you will post your link to the voice thread on our class website->blog->voicethread links.   After you have done this, I want you to embed your voice thread in your portfolio on the technology integration page.  See the checklist below for the marking criteria:


-       Register for a voice thread account by going to http://www.voicethread.com

-       Choose an area of interest and find a minimum of 5 copyright friendly pictures that you can upload into your voice thread - /10 points

-       Comment on each of your pictures giving a detailed explanation of each picture and what you would like the viewer to know or do.  /5 points

-       Add a title and description - /2 points

-       Share your voice thread by posting a link on the class website-> Student blogs-> Voicethread blog.

-       Embed using the Voicethread code a copy of your Voicethread presentation on to your portfolio -> Technology Integration. /3 points



Total=     / 20 points